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Friday April 01, 2005

CMSB - Centre for Medical Systems Biology
Centre for Medical Systems Biology
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CMSB Course on

Array Data Analysis Using R & Bioconductor

Date: 29th, 30th November and 1st December 2004

Course leaders:  Renée X. de Menezes (LUMC/EMC) and Peter-Bram 't Hoen (LUMC)


Instructions exercises in R

All exercises were constructed for R2.0.1 and bioconductor release 1.5. Using other R or Bioconductor versions may cause problems in running the scripts. The authors do not take responsibility for any errors in the provided R codes.


Data: The zip file containing all the data sets for the exercises can be found here: Data Sets.


Renée de Menezes,

Peter-Bram ’t Hoen,


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